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Light Dream
+7 (499) 347-27-82
Moscow, Large Zlatoustinskiy lane 3/5 Building 1 (Metro Kitai-Gorod metro Lubyanka)

8 Bed Female Shared Room is designed especially for women and its coziness indeed attracts everyone. The room is conveniently equipped with everything fair ladies may need. There is a wardrobe with clothes hangers and a full-length mirror. There are orthopedic mattresses, soft pillows, warm blankets and beautiful natural linen on the beds. Each guest can have some privacy on her bed, curtaining off lovely curtains. And each bed has a shelf, a towel holder and clothes hangers, as well as sockets and a lamp. And under-bed space is lockable, so you will be able to keep your personal stuff in there. This comfortable, pleasant environment makes a good impression and you desire to stay longer.

The price: 749 RUB per day per bed.





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